Introducing the New Crown Jewel Apartment of NYC

Hello, fellow New York City enthusiasts. We are doing something that no one has done before (like you’ve never heard that before). But, it’s true – no, really. The owner purchased her hotel condo unit in 2008, when the Plaza Hotel launched its rental program. In that program, the owner can live in his or her hotel unit up to 120 days and rent the remaining ones through the hotel. However, due to reasons we will not specify now or ever, the owner of this particular suite decided to opt out of the rental program. This has nothing to do with the hotel or its programs, as we love them just the way they are. That said, if you want *exclusive* access to the best hotel suite in the world (it’s true!), then book through us directly. You’ll get a better rate than booking through the hotel directly (guaranteed), receive the same amenities as any other hotel guest including 24-hour butler service and maid service, and have fun spending time in a suite that faces 5th Avenue and will probably be the nicest hotel experience you will ever have. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call on (516) 462-1148.